10 Days Post-op + Botox

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Subtle Swelling After Botox. How Long Will it Remain?

I am 11 days post-botox treatment only for frownlines. I see some improvement, but also very slight swelling/widening of my nose bridge right between... READ MORE

I Had Eye Drop After Botox Injection?

Now ten days still same at which time I can recognize eye drop is worse than first day my vision not effected there is some advices like exerciseor... READ MORE

1st Time Botox Injections, 2 Week Later a Headache?

I had first time Botox injections 11 days ago (8 units in my forehead), yesterday and today my forehead feels tight and this morning I have a bit of a... READ MORE

Deep Undereye Lines After Botox

I had Botox around the eyes 10 days ago. But when I smile, I get accentuated deep lines under both eyes over the cheek bone that I've never had before... READ MORE

Botox on crows feet affecting smile? (Photo)

I had botox on crows feet, forehead, inbetween eyes 11 days ago. Now i cant smile all the way (like the smile is straight instead of curving up) and I... READ MORE

I Got 175 Units of Botox 11 Days Ago. My Left Brow and Eyelid Are Collapsed and my Neck is Very Painful?

MY headaches have improved from daily moderate to severe head pain to no disernable head pain. However my neck pain and rigidity are bad and i have... READ MORE

My Left Eye is Ruined by Botox 10 Days After Forehead Injection. I Am Ready to Have a Breakdown!

I received botox to my forehead 1o days ago. . My left eye started tingling a few days later, and a week later my left eye is almost shut. My vision... READ MORE

I Had Botox Injections in my Forehead 10 Days Ago. I Have Absolutely No Results? (photo)

Shouldn't there be some difference, even if not the full effect, shouldn't there be something? I'm thinking I was injected with saline solution! READ MORE

Had Botox 10 Days Ago. Still No Paralysis. Did Something Go Wrong? Does It Just Take Longer?

I had botox 10 days ago. I can still use my forehead muscles same as before. It's as if I had nothing done. The Dr. told me it would take 5 to 7 days... READ MORE

Am I stuck with this smile for three months post masseter Botox? (Photo)

I have had masseter Botox injected 10 days ago and it's helped me with the clenching but my smile is getting worse by the day. This is all I can... READ MORE

When the headache and heaviness of the Botox recover?

10 days before I have injected Botox in The sixth day I woke up with heaviness in my forehead and head with pressure and uncomfortability then in the... READ MORE

Can I have a retouch or extra injection after 10 days from first session?

Can I have a retouch or extra injection after 10 days from first session? READ MORE

What causes terrible migraine type headaches and flu like symptoms after Botox?

I am on day 11 of pretty bad migraine type headaches and mild flu like symptoms post Botox to forehead and 11 area treatment. I am 100% Botox is the... READ MORE

I have uneven Botox results on my forehead & now have frown lines that have appeared where there were none before? (Photo)

I had Botox to my forehead 11 days ago, I had a 1 week review & the practioner wasn't happy with the results. The results are uneven & I still... READ MORE

Can I reinject Botox to lift my eyebrow 10 days after injecting Botox? (Photo)

I have a slightly eyelid ptosis after botox. I did it on a tuesday can i reinject after 10 days a bit of botox just to lift my eyebrow???  READ MORE

I had Botox done 10 days ago. My one eye has been completely closed now. Will acupuncture help lift the eyelid back up?

On the 3rd day my eye completely closed. I have been using the eye drops but they have not helped at all. I am wondering if acuputure would help lift... READ MORE

I had Botox for frown lines and have sharp or shooting eye pain. Is this threatening? Will it go away?

I got Botox for frown lines 11 days ago. Injections were given above eyebrows and in-between eyebrows, more on right side to level eyebrows. Since day... READ MORE

Can botox injection correct this situation of the mouth in the pictures? (Photo)

As it occured as a result of post botox injection of marionette lines This pictures taken after 10 days from the injection day READ MORE

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