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Excess Skin Removal After Massive Weight Loss; LBL or Fleur-de Lis Abdominoplasty? (photo)

I have lost 160 lbs with the aid of gastric bypass. I have consulted with three plastic surgeons, and two have recommended a vertical abdominal... READ MORE

100+ Pound Loss, Apple Shape, Stubborn Back/Stomach Fat: LBL or LBL with Anchor?

33, 5'5, 155. How do you as a surgeon, irregardless of extra scars, decide whether to do LBL or LBL with fleur de lis, and why are some surgeons... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift with Standard Tummy Tuck or Fleur De Lis?

I am a 27 year old female who has lost 135lbs from having a gastric bypass in 2011. i am having an lbl in june. I am really feeling like having a... READ MORE

Is It Common for Belt Lipectomy with Fleur De Lys Abdominoplasty?

Hi, I'm 28 y/o female. Had lap-band in 2005 and down to 170 lbs from highest weight of 316 lbs. I am looking into different surgeries and have had two... READ MORE

Butt cheeks pulled apart after body lift. Is this permanent?

I had a body lift with fleur de lis incision last Friday (3 days post op). I was able to shower today and noticed my butt cheeks are pulled apart in... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Body Lift Consultation in Massachusetts

I Need to Find out if the Result of my Circumferential Body Lift is the Best Possible. I had a circumferential body lift with fleur-de-lis and am very... READ MORE

Best procedure for me? LBL or Fleur de Lis (T-Incision)? (Photo)

I have lost 100lbs by changing my eating habits and exercising. Like many, I have excess skin left. I had a full TT in 2009 but it didn't address the... READ MORE

What procedures should I get after 100 lb weight loss? (Photo)

I'm 55 and I lost over 100 lbs 4 years ago through diet and exercise. I have maintained that loss (+/- 5 lbs) and would like to have a body lift (with... READ MORE

How long till I can resume normal activity after fleur de lis tummy tuck, longitudinal thigh lift and buttock lift. (photo)

My scar runs griun to knee, a 360 around my body and up to my breast bone. Everything is healing great, no leakage or pain. I do get a slight pain in... READ MORE

Compression suit necessary? (photos)

I had a circumferential body lift with fluer du lis, have 4 drains in place and had a compression garment on for 4 days. I was taken to hospital for... READ MORE

Body lift vs. panniculectomy vs tummy tuck vs. fleur de lis? (Photo)

Hi! Looking to see what the best procedure would be. I have lost about 100 lbs and have a TON of extra skin. My main concern is my stomach and that... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Fleur de lis body lift or regular body lift? Help please I'm confused. Lost 200 lbs. (photo)

Orignial surgery in aug not happy with results new docotor said i need a fleur de lis body lift orginal one said no. Ive lost about 15 lbs since... READ MORE

At what weight should I have surgery to remove excess skin?

In the past year, I have lost 200 pounds w/o bariatric surgery. I started my weight loss journey at 459 and now weigh just at 259. My goal weight is... READ MORE

Body lift: should I get a regular one with lipo on abdomen? Or lift with Fleur de Lis? I had an extended tummy tuck (Photo)

Had an extended tummy tuck in summer going for revistion in march have to decide what type of body lift I want READ MORE

I need some expert advice on what procedures I should have for my shape and estimated costs. (Photos)

Wants are a lower body lift for entire belt with a very nice even scar, butt augmented for a nice proportion and either a... READ MORE

Realistic expectations - will I see any improvements in my LBL results? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift with with Fleur de Lis and lipo 17 days ago; still swollen in my lower back and abdomen. Drains removed 5 days post op, as I... READ MORE

Recommendations for what type of plastic surgery after 125 pound weight loss? (Photo)

I am 43yo and have lost 125 pounds from RNY which was done 11/31/15. I am a fitness instructor 4 days a week and work also as an RN. My insurance pays... READ MORE

My skin is hard to the touch, how long can I expect this to last? (Photos)

I had a lower body lift with Fleur de Lis & lipo w/ fat transfer to butt 18 days ago. I am still swollen in my lower back, abs & hips. Drains... READ MORE

Fleur De Lis or Breast Lift - Which One to Do First? (photo)

I'm a 30yo. and over the last 5-6 years I have lost over 120lbs. Now I need a Tummy tuck,breast lift and upper thighs lift.Each of these... READ MORE

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