How To Tell Your Family About Your Breast Augmentation

12 Feb 2013 at 9:00am

To many RealSelf community members, telling their telling their family is the hardest part about going under the knife.

They raised you, they love you, but they may not share the same opinions about elective surgery as you. Even as adults, most people are constantly seeking their family’s approval. This need to please can be difficult if your loved ones have more judgmental opinions about plastic surgery.

One RealSelf community member was more scared of telling her family than of the actual procedure itself. "The sad part is I am mostly nervous due to the telling my family aspect, rather than the usual worries of pain and complications. I just don't know how to go about it, and don't want to blatantly tell everyone, but at the same time I am sure they will all notice & I do not want to lie," LittleMRSpriss revealed in RealSelf's breast implant community.

Whether you’re embarrassed to talk about enhancing your body with your family or afraid that they won’t agree with your choice, relationship expert Maryanne Camaroto has helpful tips on how to bring up the touchy subject.

Make a plan

You want to have a plan. Even jotting down what’s the worse thing that can happen, a couple of scenarios and then planning out a really heartfelt strategy but one that doesn’t remove you from your conviction.


Rationalize your fears

Once you’ve identified what the potential consequences are, you must determine which ones are real and which ones are imagined, or stem from more of an emotional fear.


Rehearse the scenario

Prepare 2-3 talking points that capture the main point of your argument. Say look, I’m not asking your permission I’m informing you because I care about you and know you care about me.


Pick the right place

When you execute the plan, make sure you create the right environment. You want to set yourself up to be comfortable, because that is most likely going to get the results you’re looking for.

How did you tell your family you underwent or want to get plastic surgery? Join the conversation and help littleMRSpriss here.