Week in Photos: 4 Ways to Get Fuller Cheeks

MakenzieR on 29 Jan 2012 at 9:00pm

Last week on Facebook we showcased some of the most amazing cheek rejuvenations from our before & after galleries. Each "after" is the result of a different procedure -- just goes to show there is no shortage of solutions if fuller cheeks are your goal. 

Check out these cheeky ladies: 

Restylane to the cheeks and under-eyes

cheek filler photos

Fat transfer

fat transfer before and after

Cheek implants

cheek implant before and after photos

Cheek lift (aka mid-facelift)

cheek lift before and after

Whether by age or other factor, losing cheek volume can dramatically affect one's appearance (one doctor even has some suggestions specifically for those who get "Runner's Face," as he calls it). The Q&A about how to revive facial fullness almost seems never ending -- and most are interested in non-invasive options. Sadly, no miracle cream can restore fullness. 

I'd hope the women featured here thought their makeovers were worth it, because the results look fantastic. Based on the photo galleries, it's a bit surprising that the cheeky procedures have lower ratings in our community. 

Cheek augmentation:

  • 57% thought it was Worth It
  • Avg $3,000 

Cheek lift:

  • 47% Worth It
  • Avg $7,400

Do you have cheek concerns? Would you ever consider a cosmetic procedure for them? 

Photo credit: David Mabrie, MD; Jonathan Hoenig, MD; Thomas E. Kaniff, MD; J. Timothy Heffernan, MD