5 Ways to Get Rid of “Bitchy Resting Face”

12 Aug 2014 at 8:50am

Written by Adele Rayburn

Bitchy Resting Face

If you haven’t heard the term “Bitchy Resting Face,” let us break it down for you. While the concept may have started as a joke in the form of a fake PSA, countless women have owned up to looking “thoughtfully sad or angry for no reason.”

During a 2013 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, True Blood star Anna Paquin bemoaned her BRF. “It means you look really angry all the time, or like you want to kill people. And apparently that's pretty much how I come across. I'm really happy [in reality]. My life's good."

The name of the “condition” might make you laugh, but Bitchy Resting Face is a real concern. Thanks to the onset of age, wrinkles, and weight fluctuations, BRF can happen to even the most unsuspecting people. Moms and teachers seem to have an especially hard time dealing with it, as little kids don’t often think twice before making a comment about the way a person looks. “My children asked me why I always looked angry and had lines in between my eyes,” revealed RealSelf user Eva from Thornhill. “I didn’t realize that I was usually frowning, even if I wasn’t angry.”

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We doubt anyone wants to go through life with people thinking they look bitchy all time. The good news is that skincare is the number one way for improving BRF. Proper skincare will lighten your look, bring more tone and vivacity to your face, and ultimately take years off your appearance. "You can change the underlying structures [of the face], but if you don't change the envelope, your improvement will be limited,” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming. “I don't care how gorgeous you are, with great skincare you will look better."

If for some reason these beauty counter solutions aren’t enough, here’s the lowdown on five common procedures to turn that frown upside down:

1. Botox (Minimally invasive, Worth It Rating: 69%)

Botox Before and AfterAs Dr. Fleming puts it, there are wrinkles, and then there are wrinkles. A few laugh lines around your eyes might not make a difference to your overall look, but deep furrows in the brow make many women appear tense and angry. Thankfully, this situation is no match for Botox. "Wrinkles around the eyes make you look tired and angry," Dr. Fleming explains. "Botox is good for lines of animation like the furrows in between the brows and crow’s feet. Improving the quality of the skin is not going to eliminate that. You need to interfere with muscle motion."

2. Lip Injections (Minimally invasive, Worth It Rating: 71%)

Lip Filler Before and After
Are your kissers failing to pucker up like they used to? Lips lose volume as they age, which can lead to sagging at the corners of the mouth, giving many women the appearance of a frowny face. The solution? Simple lip fillers. "The downturn of the corners of the mouth makes people look angry," Dr. Fleming says. "You can re-contour that with fillers or fat, and replace volume." Muah!

3. Cheek Implants (Invasive, Worth It Rating: 62%)

Cheek Implant Before and AfterMaybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline, or maybe she has cheek implants! Bringing more definition to the cheekbones draws attention to the underlying structure of the face and can drastically reduce BRF. "Any time you improve contour and definition, you're going to improve your looks," Dr. Fleming explains. "That’s a standard parameter of beauty — definition makes a huge difference." (P.S. If you aren't ready to go under the knife, try makeup contouring to highlight your bone structure… Kim Kardashian style!)

4. Eyebrow Lift (Invasive, Worth It Rating: 75%)

Brow Lift Before and After
Eyes are the windows to the soul... and you definitely don't want that window covered by a droopy brow. Some women with low-lying eyebrows look like they're scowling, but it's nothing a little lift can't fix. "Sometimes it's the position of the brows that make a significant difference," says Dr. Fleming. And as they say in Texas, the higher the (brow) hair, the closer to God!


Hairline Lowering Before and AfterYou probably haven't given a second thought to your hairline, but believe it or not, it could be affecting your overall appearance. "I see people every week for hairline lowering. I’m not touching their brows at all," Dr. Fleming explains. "This won’t necessarily make them look less angry, but certainly more feminine. Their proportions are better and their faces are softer."

Have you tried any of Dr. Flemings expert suggestions? Sound off in the comments about your personal experiences curing Bitchy Resting Face!

Photo credits: Courtesy of Dr. Adam David Lowenstein; Courtesy of RealSelf User shelreed; Courtesy of Dr. Brian Windle; Courtesy of Dr. Thomas Kaniff; Courtesy of Dr. Shahram Salemy; Courtesy of Dr. Richard Fleming