Watch This Tummy Tuck Demonstration — Here Are the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Dawn at RealSelf on 24 Dec 2015 at 11:00am

Tummy Tuck1. The Differences Between Tummy Tucks, Mini Tummy Tucks, and Liposuction — The Doctor Demonstrates
Top Doctor John J. Edney explains Tummy Tucks, Mini Tummy Tucks, and Liposuction, plus who is a candidate for each procedure.

2. 10 Days, 1000ccs Per Cheek: See This Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation
Top Doctor Johnny Franco show us this woman’s Brazilian butt lift before and after.

3. Fat Transfer for Liposuction Deformities: 42-Year-Old Julie Tells Her Story With Before & After Photos
This woman shares her experience with Fat Transfer performed by Top Doctor Melek Kayser.

4. Learn the Differences Between Dermal Fillers & Botox
Nurse Injector Melissa, at Top Doctor Michael Law's office, explains the different uses for Botox and Fillers.

5. Puffy Under Eye Bags and Infections — Is There a Direct Link?
Top Doctor Amiya Prasad answers this woman’s question about her under eye bags and if they are a result from a past infection.