A Valentine's Gift Guide for the Girl With Breast Implants

MakenzieR on 12 Feb 2012 at 9:00am

Winter is a very popular time to get plastic surgery, particularly breast augmentations. If your lady friend is one of the roughly 25,000* women a month who got breast implants recently, here are some gift ideas to highlight and help her new figure.

And ladies, whether you have a S.O. or not, these are great ideas for “new me” gifts too. :)


Alexis Smith’s Sexy Bras for Augmented Busts

Alexis Smith bras breast implants

A frustration many women with implants face is a larger bust size but small back/ribcage size. After her own breast augmentation, designer Alexis Smith dealt with this challenge.

“I found that I couldn’t buy attractive lingerie anymore,” said Alexis in an interview with RealSelf. “The larger sizes were heavy in support with large straps.  They covered my whole breasts!  I couldn’t feel good about myself.”

Instead of lamenting in her frustration, Alexis designed a line of sexy bras (and panties!) with augmented women in mind. They’re beautiful for any busty lady, natural or not.

Another perk:  “A thin light weight wire for support. Research found that thick heavy under-wire would often irritate and dig into breast implants and natural breast tissue.”

Le Mystère No. 9

Ly Mystere No. 9 bras for breast implants

Lingerie experts Le Mystère teamed up with plastic surgeon Dr. David Brothers to create elegant and functional bras designed specifically for breasts with implants.


  • Wire shape is full semi-circle, designed in the same shape as an implant.
  • The cup shape is more spherical than conical, again for implant shape
  • Center connector is spaced father -- Le Mystère says this helps because augmented cleavage is further apart than natural.
  • Quality, classy material


  • Only two, basic styles
  • Black and tan are only color options

This may not be the sexiest of V-day lingerie, but it’s a high-quality and practical gift that she’ll use for more than just one night.

Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir session photography

As any girl who thought her implants were “Worth It” knows, your lady probably feels like a whole new kind of sexy.

If you’re not sure what this is, it’s a private photo session, typically in lingerie or partly nude, to take sexy and (usually) classy photos. Most women seem to do it as a treat for the S.O., but some also just want to celebrate their sexy. We think that’s a darn good reason, too!

RealSelf member TwinsforMe had one before her augmentation, and she can’t wait to go back and do it again. “I am scheduling a boudoir session for after the surgery. I did it last year and it was awesome, except for the lack of boobage. I totally recommend it!”

She adds that “having pictures like that really make you feel good...of course a little airbrush here and there doesn't hurt either. Now just for a retake with the enhancement and I shall be over the moon!”

Check your local Groupon and deals apps, because we’ve seen a few pop-up recently in Seattle. This is a great last-minute idea, as you can call and buy a package tomorrow.

A Really Nice Sports Bra

Sports bras for big boobs

It might seem odd to buy a sports bra for Valentine’s Day, but once you up your cup size you’re dealing with a whole new issue -- working out with big boobs. I’ve heard many a C+ cup woman complain about the difficulty of finding a supportive enough sports bra to make running comfortable (or wearing two!)

Thankfully Bari Lieberman at Self.com took the time to review the best finds to solve this problem. All her suggestions are $60+, so you’re definitely buying a high-quality gift.

Depending on how far post-op she is, she may not even know this will be an issue yet, and you can get bonus points for telling her you thought of her new needs ahead of time.

Carefully Chosen Teddy

If you want really want to give traditional lingerie, just consider this factor: is she wearing underwire bras yet, or not?

If NO, then make sure you buy a nightgown/teddy/etc that doesn’t have them. While most V-day racks are full of mega-push-ups, the non-wired kind do exist. Plus something lacy and tight on the bust will show off the new girls -- making both her and you feel pretty good.

If she IS wearing underwire bras, then you’ve got it easy and can buy her whatever works. I’d go with the biggest push-up corset-y thing you can find, because it’ll be a first for her to get that much cleavage (again, probably pleasing the both of you). Just make sure you know her new bra size! 

*Average based on reported yearly total by ASPS