Who Says You Can't Be Gray-Topped and Fabulous?

Julie Clark Robinson on 6 May 2011 at 2:00pm

May is Older Americans Month, as President John F. Kennedy proclaimed in 1963 (then Senior Citizens Month).  

So let's recognize some celebrities whose stars continue to shine well past their natural hair color:

Jane Fonda older and beautiful

Jane Fonda

Candice Bergen

Candace Bergen (not an "Older American," but the US loves her!)

Lauren Bacall older and gorgeous

Lauren Bacall

Tina Turner older and hot

Tina Turner

Helen Mirren older and gorgeous

Helen Mirren

And the belle of the senior ball: 

Betty White aging and successful

Betty White

(And Regis Philbin isn't doing too badly either.)

These celebs all continue to do some of their best work in spite of the digits on their passports. 

Some have had cosmetic work done, some clearly have not and there will always be a general “Does (s)he or doesn’t (s)he?” whisper floating around those in question. 

The secret to weathering the storm of time regardless of one’s propensity to go under the needle/knife comes from within, according to Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, an LA Oculoplastic surgeon. “Develop a sense of self-esteem that will support an aging face,” he advises.

I’d say the doctor is on to something.  Can you think of a reason why anyone on the list above shouldn’t have a healthy self-esteem?  Who needs Botox when you have things like Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and courtside Lakers tickets to show for your hard work?

Who is you favorite "Older American" star?

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons, Coutoureallure.blogspot.com, Wikimedia, Forgottenjournal.com, Wikimedia, David_shankbone on flickr.com