Botched Season 1: Transgender Performer Monique Allen Has No Plans to Give Up Plastic Surgery — EXCLUSIVE

Jager Weatherby on 18 Aug 2014 at 1:00pm

Monique AllenThe first season of Botched brought a slew of interesting characters, but few were as attention-grabbing as Monique Allen. The transgender performer shared her story of growing up as an altar boy in southern California, where she never felt like she truly fit in. She announced to her parents that she wanted to undergo a sex reassignment at the age of 18, marking the beginning of her journey as the Glamorous Monique.

Unfortunately, Monique’s desire to look a certain way ended up having disastrous results. She’s undergone nearly 200 procedures over 35 years, including getting illegal silicone injections all over her body. While the procedures have left her disfigured and disabled, Monique admits that she has no intention of staying away from the knife. Not only did she seek out Drs. Nassif and Dubrow to correct her “pixie ears” and flatten her lumpy stomach, but she’s had even more surgeries since filming for the show wrapped.

RealSelf caught up with the performer to talk about her time on Botched, as well as get some inside scoop on what lies ahead.

RealSelf: Did you know the dangers of liquid silicone when you injected? What advice would you give to those looking for a quick, cheap fix with illegal injections?
Monique Allen: I probably knew of the dangers, but I was young and naive.

RS: What advice would you have given your younger self pre-silicone injections?
MA: There are so many new fillers and implants out there so there really is no need for these types of injections.

Monique Pixie Ears

RS: Did the beauty standards of southern California influence the way you wanted to look when you decided to get your sex reassignment?
MA: I always had high beauty standards. I have a naturally beautiful sister and mother and expected no less. My family set the beauty standard, not pop culture.

RS: What have your reconstructive surgeries enabled you to do?
MA: The surgeries I have had with the doctors have given me more self-confidence, especially in my stomach region. I'm also very happy with my face and ears.

Monique Stomach

RS: Are you planning on doing any additional surgeries? If so, what?
MA: Since my surgeries with Botched, I’ve had the corner of my lips lifted, silicone removed from my bottom lip and hips, and a scar revision. I’ve also had two facial perfect peels with Dr. Nassif’s esthetician office, and I’m thinking of facial jaw bone contouring.

RS: What’s something you want people to know about that maybe wasn’t emphasized on Botched?
MA: I have had a nearly 30-year career with the department of corrections. There’s a lot more substance to my persona then the Glamorous Monique image.

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Photo credits:
Monique Allen on Facebook; Courtesy of E! Entertainment