Are These the World's Oldest Breast Implants?

MakenzieR on 15 Jun 2012 at 11:30am

If you've ever believed the myth that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years, take a look at these photos. 

This 81-year-old RealSelf community member has had the same silicone gel breast implants for 55 years. She got them in Okinawa, Japan in 1957 -- 5 years before the first implants were placed in the United States. 

oldest breast implants

first breast implants

She says in 55 years she's never experienced any issues with her implants. This lady busted another myth, too -- she breast-fed three kids just a few years after her augmentation. 

At the time she paid $300 -- according to RealSelf reviewers the average cost of implants in the US today is $6,000.

She adds: "For being 81 and the implants being 60 years old, I think they look pretty good." (So do we!)

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Photo credit: member Great2BMe
Special thanks to great2bme & mom for letting us share these photos