The X Nip: Prosthetic Nipples On Bikini Body -- Hot New Surgery Trend

Nicole Karlis on 1 Apr 2013 at 9:00am

Nothing udder-ly strange about this surgery: Women who want to explore their animalistic side are getting multiple nipples on their abdomen.
Doctors tell us more and more women are requesting the prosthetic nipples -- commonly known as the X Nip -- which is a silicone nipple that is placed on a woman's abdomen to resemble the stomach of an animal.

"I've had tons of women in my office recently asking for the prosthetic nipple, including a few high-profile celebs," Dr. Smithshoven in L.A. said. "It's a popular surgery this season. The trend is to get four to six nipples on the abdominal region per woman to represent the aesthetic of an animal. However, I did just one surgery on a woman who wanted 10 of them. The number of nipples is increasing in popularity as well."

Dr. Thomas Jeneby in San Antonio, Texas, agrees.

"It's the new craze. I've gotten at least 20 women asking for it in the last two weeks," Dr. Jeneby said. "They come in for doggy botox too. Women want to pierce them. Women really want to look like their dogs."

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