I'm 16 and a 32DDD

mellieb on 9 Aug 2010 at 2:02pm

A new study out today found that girls are entering puberty at a younger age, with breast development, sometimes starting as young as age 7.

Early puberty can lead to issues with self-esteem and depression, especially when a girl’s development outpaces her peers. The situation is further complicated when there are no female role models around to ask questions, as revealed recently by a 16 year old posting to RealSelf. In her situation, she didn’t feel comfortable approaching her dad about a breast reduction for her large chest. She instead asked the RealSelf doctor community for opinions on how to discuss this with her father.

There is great debate regarding “how young is too young” for plastic surgery; however, most doctors agree that where there is a health issue that can be improved, cosmetic procedures do more good than harm. RealSelf’s doctor community rallied around the teen and provided some great tips on how to approach dad about breast reduction surgery:

  • Bay Area plastic surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Lee suggests the best way to bring up the conversation: “While we think about the surgery differently for young people than for mature women, teenagers such as yourself feel much more comfortable about themselves after breast reduction. I don't blame you for feeling uncomfortable about talking to your dad, I never could have discussed my body with my father when I was 16 and he was a doctor. You should be able to talk to your own doctor or pediatrician about your concerns and your doctor can than approach the problem with your dad for you.” 
  • Barry Dolich, MD, a New York plastic surgeon, supports the young woman, noting: “This is a SERIOUS health problem with significant physical and mental ramifications at this most important transitional phase of your life… Once you're on the road get the name(s) of a board certified Plastic Surgeon from the American Soc. of Plastic Surgery.” 
  • Speaking as single father, Dr. Robin Yuan, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon explains that "fathers want to do what is best for their children and want their children's lives to be unstressed and happy. I would mention the pain aspect and suggest to your father that your breasts may be the source of your discomfort. That will open the door for more discussion about how you feel about your breasts."

There are a number of questions on RealSelf relating to age and breast reductions, and the overwhelming response from doctors has been, as long as the girl’s bra size has remained stable and she is done growing, she may benefit from surgery.

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