Are You a Surgical Slave to Fashion? Surgery to Fit a Stiletto

Princess 19 on 21 Oct 2011 at 10:00am

Would you have surgery to fit a pointy, narrow shoe?  Would you surgically create a heel to mimic a stiletto?  One writer ponders the thought process of physically changing yourself to just be fashionable.

Author Richard Darell recently commented on his site, Bit Rebels, about people’s need to perfect themselves – even to the point of causing bodily harm. Body piercing is mentioned as an example of how many people alter their appearance just for attention-sake.  The author went so far as to create a rather uncomfortable imagery of what one would look like if they got plastic surgery to create a permanent stiletto heel - mimicking today’s trendy shoe of choice. 

He failed to realize that altering a foot for fashion is actually nothing new.

A pair of imaginary surgical kitten heels

Styleite pointed out that bone shaving and a procedure called Cinderella surgery (used to correct bunions and narrow the feet) have both been done by Fashionista women in order to get one’s feet into über trendy skinnier heels.  Toe shortening has been done by women who just consider a toe to be too long. (But, it is not recommended for multiple toes). 

One Manhattan doctor even offers a "pinky tuck" to correct the small toe deformities from wearing those designer heels.  Well, if you are going to pay $800 for those Louboutins, you might as well be able to wear them….right? 

But, is all this too much just for the chance to wear pretty shoes?  Some doctors think so.

"Our function is to relieve pain and correct deformities," Dr. Kathleen Stone, an Arizona podiatrist and President of The American Podiatric Medical Association told The Wall Street Journal

"We are not trained to allow women to fit into a narrower shoe," she added.

So even though the options are out there, it may not be something one should just "jump into" just to make an outfit.  It is surgery and it is permanent.

Thank goodness ancient foot binding is no longer in vogue.  Not being able to walk and having unrecognizable (almost ostrich-like looking) feet can’t possibly be worthwhile – let alone impossible to shop for at the mall these days. 

Watch the video regarding the Cinderella surgery featured on The Doctors below.  Warning:  It's quite graphic.

Photo Credits:  Bit Rebels