Spice Girl Mel C Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

Princess 19 on 20 Sep 2011 at 7:00pm

Where there is an in-depth interview of any 30-something-year-old celeb, there is always the "plastic surgery" question.  This week's comments come from Melanie Chisholm aka Mel C/Sporty Spice, the former Spice Girl turned solo singer, who recently shared her views on the subject - as well as her thoughts on her numerous tattoos.

When talking to UK's Hello! magazine, Mel C was flat-out asked, "Do you agree with plastic surgery?"

"It frightens me a little bit – people go too far and sometimes it goes wrong, but I wouldn’t judge those who want it done," said the former Sporty Spice.

"I’ve not had it done myself," she clarified.  "[She laughs] You can tell, can’t you?"

Well, when you stand next to your fellow Spice Girls...maybe?

Speaking of her fellow Spice Girls, let's stop and do a quick rundown of each bandmates' (ahem) alleged and some confirmed enhancements:

spice girls plastic surgery

Victoria's now 34B cup size was influenced by her need to be taken seriously in the fashion world.  She has said, "I've worn so many dresses in the past and when I see the photographs I think, crikey, my boobs are up round my neck again."

Mel B supposedly had the multiple procedures post her second baby and pre her Dancing with the Stars appearance.

Baby and Ginger Emma and Geri have both been outspoken about not having any work done, but agreeing with Mel C and never being opposed to it.

"To have something in your body would drive me insane," said Emma in 2004.  "I'm one of these girls who hopes to grow old gracefully - although you never know, I might have a bit of a lift and tuck when I'm older."

“I would never say never to having plastic surgery but at the moment, I don’t like the idea of it," said Geri to Hello! magazine in 2008. “There are days when I look at myself and think, ‘You should have that done’, but I am trying to resist it."

Back to Mel C....

Mel C does state one regret: her tattoos.

When asked if she regretted having so many (apparently she has 10), she said "Some of them.  I was very young and I’ve changed a lot since then, plus some of them are in prominent places."

When I did Blood Brothers on stage I had to cover them up, which was a messy job involving acrylic paint and glue," she added.

She should really think about getting a few tattoos removed, no?  It would save her the agony of putting glue on her body again.  It sounds....troublesome.

Regardless, these ladies still all look very lovely with or without work since their debut fifteen years ago.  Yes, it has been that long.  Another reunion to hear "If you wannabe my lover" would be great - just not another movie. 

That would be bad.  

Photo credit:  Flickr By Oleg Katchinski and By lecarlos