Welcome to "Silicone Valley": Medellin, Columbia Loves Plastic Surgery

Anonymous_1 on 16 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Here’s your new word for the day: narco-estética.

Roughly translated from Spanish as “drug trafficker’s sense of beauty”, it’s the look Colombia drug lords apparently crave in their women, and it’s all about plastic surgery.

In fact, Medellin, Columbia -- home to many narcos and the [surgically enhanced] women they love – has earned the nickname “Silicone Valley”, according to a new article in The Atlantic*.

What’s the look? Think “the hot babe, the mamacita*” with a small nose, augmented lips, full buttocks, blonde hair – and lots of cleavage.

Model and ex-girlfriend-of-a-drug-lord Natalia Paris is said to have started the trend, although she won’t take credit for it. Her mother gave her breast implants for her 18th birthday, and she selected a set that looked like Pamela Anderson’s. Soon she was the “golden girl” of Medellin, the model for other young women who saw Natalia’s success [and surgical enhancements] as a path out of poverty.

The Colombia craving for silicone is so popular that it’s carried over onto TV. A soap opera runs called "Without T*ts There Is No Paradise", about a poorly-endowed teen who wants a pair of breast implants so badly that she sells her virginity.

Natalia has since downgraded her implants to a B-cup, according to the article, since she wants to look more natural. She claims credit for starting a new trend: implant removals.

*Source: The Atlantic, April 2011 issue, author: Silvana Paternostro