Can a Shot in Your G-Spot Improve Your Sex Life?

MakenzieR on 17 Jul 2012 at 11:00am

G-spot shotWe know what you're thinking: a shot WHERE? That's right, there really are people getting shots in their G-Spots to improve sexual satisfaction.
We've seen a few questions come into RealSelf about this off-label use of injectables. But, what really got us talking (and awkwardly laughing) was trying to figure out exactly how one would get an injection in that area.
Lucky for us, plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Joseph Placik had already laid out a pretty thorough description of the process. Normally we'd sum it up for you, but the entire explanation is so fascinating we had to share it all.

All You Need to Know About the "G-Shot"

"This is a minimally invasive, non-surgical, treatment that can temporarily enhance/enlarge the Grafenburg spot. Sexually active women with normal sexual function who are at ease with discovering or promoting the prominence of the G-spot are excellent candidates for this technique receiving widespread attention in the media. It is not for everyone and many physicians as well as therapist question the existence of the G-Spot.

This patent pending method of enlarging or the G-Spot with off-label use of human derived collagen (which is currently FDA approved for use for facial augmentation). The collagen is a naturally occurring biologic product with a long-term safety record for facial enhancement. The FDA approved collagen is a specially developed and processed collagen which doesn't require pre-injection skin testing like other collagen products on the market.

In a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-Shot reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification. Results do differ among subjects receiving the treatment. The affect can last for up to 4 months, and does vary.

How Does It Work?

The G-Shot is best performed in patients familiar with the location of the G-Spot prior to undergoing the procedure. If this is unknown to the patient, the physician and his staff will aid the patient in the identification of their particular anatomy. After consulting with the physician, the G-Shot is an office procedure performed under local anesthesia. The actual injection usually takes less than 8 seconds and the total office visit time is usually less than 30 minutes. The G-Spot becomes enlarged following the injection measuring approximately the size of a quarter in diameter, and one fourth of an inch in thickness. Anatomic variations do occur and require individualized approaches for each patient.

What to Expect?

Prior to your first G-Shot treatment consultation, you may have some questions, including: How long will it take? How long will the results last? When can I resume sex? Prior to your appointment you will find that familiarity with the location of your G-Spot will simplify and expedite the entire process.

The Day of Your Appointment

Upon your arrival to the Doctor's office, you'll be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and a brief pertinent history and physical examination will be conducted by the physician.

You may also be asked about your goals for the treatment and about any allergies or medical conditions that wouldn't make you a good candidate for the G-Shot. If you have become familiar with the G-spot, the rest of the procedure will proceed shortly.

Prior to the Procedure

In the course of the consult, the physician will educate you on the anatomy of the G-Spot and how to localize it. He will discuss and review the risks and complications and obtain your written consent as well. You should feel comfortable that all your questions have been answered before giving your informed and signed consent detailing the the risks, complications and alternatives to the procedure.

Once completed and if all is clear to proceed, you will be asked to empty your bladder to diminish the desire to urinate during the procedure. You will then enter the examination room alone and confirm the location of the G-spot while performing a self examination utililizing the physicians instructions. Once you have identified the G-Spot, we will wait until notify the staff and to commence the procedure.

G-shot G-spotThe Procedure

You will be placed into a pap smear position with you buttock slightly elevated. The doctor will conduct a brief pelvic exam using you assistance to guide him to the G-spot. Measurements are taken and marked according to your instructions. These measurements are transferred to a ruler and then a special speculum. The tagged speculum will then be placed into the vagina and local anesthesia will be administered using a small needle and sterile technique. The collagen filler will then be injected once the G-spot has been numbed. A tampon in inserted which can be removed 4 hours later. The procedure should take from 10-20 minutes.

After the Procedure

No recovery time is necessary. You can proceed with the rest of your days plans! Patients typically experience a scant bleeding which is easily managed by the tampon and typical of the amount of bleeding one observes after drawing blood.


Four hours after the procedure, the tampon may be removed and you may resume sexual activity. Results may last up to 4 months. Results do differ among individuals.

Other methods of enhancing the G-spot use alternative fillers, such as Hyaluronic acid (Restylane or Juvederm) as well as Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Radiesse)/.

One other thing -- the average cost of the G-Shot is $1,000 - $2,500. If it lasts four months (though some say up to six), that's $250 - $625 a month for more satisfying sex. Worth it?
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