Salt Lake City Leads Nation in Breast Implant Popularity

MakenzieR on 5 Apr 2011 at 12:00am

Salt Lake City has the highest interest in breast implants in the nation, according to new RealSelf data. Columbia, South Carolina has the least.

Surprised by the women of Salt Lake City? So were we. Enhanced breasts seem unusual in a conservative city that can pack an arena to watch "clean comics" do standup.

To measure the interest in breast implants, and other cosmetic procedures, our team looked at millions of searches on by geographic location. This reveals what's trending and trailing for every major city and region.Breast implant research is most intense in Salt Lake City and Fresno

The top 5 cities interested in breast implants are:

  1. Salt Lake City (+74% vs. National Average)
  2. Fresno, CA     (+63%)
  3. Honolulu, HI   (+54%)
  4. Oklahoma City (+50%)
  5. Mobile, AL        (+34%)

Where are women less interested in bust enhancement? Much of the East shows fewer searches for breast implants. Led by Columbia, South Carolina (-42% vs. National Average), Westchester/Fairfield Counties (-35%), Baltimore (-30%), Boston (-27%) and Washington, DC (-26%).

cities low interest breast implant

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