Reduction Roundup: 4 Minimizing Procedures

A. Foley on 8 Apr 2014 at 9:00am

There's a lot of buzz around breast enhancements and Brazilian butt lifts—but there are still plenty of women looking to scale down instead of size up. Large breasts can be painful and cause back problems, and many women gladly shell out the $4,300 to minimize their cup size.
In one story, Mrs. Thomas detailed her reduction surgery and recovery, writing “I started with Cs when I was about 14, now after having 3 kids I am a 36G. I've been to physical therapy, the chiropractor, been on pain meds, the works." Afterward, she reported, “Three months today and I can say I love my new breasts. I am so glad that I had the reduction, I feel so light up top and my back no longer aches.”
So, what are options for ladies looking for less? Here, we'll take a look at some of the most popular surgical techniques for breast - and a behind - reductions.

Breast reduction - the anchor incision

This form of breast reduction involves a horizontal incision across the bottom crease that is brought up the underside, and then around, the nipple—so the overall shape resembles an anchor.The anchor incision method is used when there's a lot of breast tissue to be removed, because it allows for better shaping and redefinition of the breast once the tissue's been taken out - though it also involves the most scarring.

Breast reduction - the vertical incision

An alternative to the anchor method, a  vertical incision—also known as a Le Jour incision, lollipop or “short scar” breast reduction—leaves out the incision along the crease, and makes the cut along the underside of the breast and around the areola. This method is used for smaller-scale reduction, with better contouring control than liposuction.

Breast liposuction

The so-called scarless method of breast reduction does actually leave scars, but they're small and usually fade over time. With breast liposuction, the plastic surgeon makes a number of small, strategic incisions around the breast, and cannulas are inserted to suck out excess fat. No stitches are required, and recovery time for breast liposuction is faster than with other incision-based methods. However, surgeons caution against using liposuction for massive reductions. Plastic surgeon John P. Stratis, MD, says, “You will have a much better result with traditional breast reduction and will look better than with liposuction.”

Buttock reduction

Usually done in the form of liposuction, butt reduction often involves removing fat from the buttocks and areas surrounding them, like hips and thighs, for contouring. Like Brazilian butt lifts, recovery takes time - you won't be able to sit directly on your newly shaped posterior for two weeks, and you'll have to wear a special garment for four weeks after recovery.

Are you considering a reduction? What type of procedure are you thinking about, and why? Let us know in the comments—and as always, we encourage you to share your stories!
photo credit: Dr. Salman Ashruf, MD; Dr. Athleo Louis Cambre, MD