RealSelf Survey Data: Millennial Women Don’t Care About Anti-Aging

Jager Weatherby on 13 Jun 2014 at 8:00pm


Despite an ever-growing desire to turn back the clock on aging, it seems that Millennial women remain generally unconcerned about preventing wrinkles. RealSelf recently conducted a survey which revealed that nearly 80% of the demographic still isn’t regularly wearing sunscreen, even with more advanced ones hitting the market each and every year.

Of those surveyed, 78% of U.S. women ages 18-24 said they “never” wear sunscreen or only wear it “while at the beach.” (Less than 10% reported using SPF every day.) Women in the 25-34 range fared slightly better, with 27% saying they wear sunscreen every day or five to six days per week.

But Ii’s not just sun protection that Millennials are shunning. When asked if they buy anti-aging products, 88% of women ages 18-24 said no. Surprisingly, only 31% of 35-44 year olds responded yes.

Perhaps this apathy towards aging comes from the fact that women seem to be fairly confident in their appearance. Less than 16% of ladies 18-24 said they feel pressure to look younger, while only 24% of the 35-44 group responded the same way.

Do You Feel Pressure to Look Younger

Unfortunately, there’s much more to worry about here than wrinkles. Skin cancer has become the most common form of cancer in the United States, with one in five Americans expected to develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Not only has the lack of using sunscreen been linked to significantly more aging in the skin, but 90% of skin cancer is caused by exposure to the sun. (Now, that’s a statistic that should make you want to slather up!)

With the official start of summer right around the corner, we urge everyone to brush up on their knowledge of SPF and the proper way to use it. Watch the video below for a few quick tips that could take years off your face — not to mention add years to your life!

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Photo credit: Skin Cancer Foundation