6 Procedures You Didn't Know You Could Get Done to Your Lady Parts

Jager Weatherby on 15 Jul 2014 at 9:10am

Written by Adele Rayburn

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It’s time to take a trip south of the border, and we're not talking about Cancun. Female reproductive maintenance is a slightly taboo subject, but we’re of the opinion that vaginal up-keep is a conversation to be had. Sure, we’ve all heard about vajazzling, but there are tons of other ways to polish up your nether regions, and — surprise! — not all of them involve surgery.

Without further ado, check out RealSelf's roundup of six things you didn't know you could get done down there...

1. Labia Coloring

Want your vagina to look "pretty in pink?" Labias tend to grey as women age (a lovely mental image, we know), but products like My New Pink Button reportedly restore your folds back to their former pink glory. Meanwhile, labia bleaching is also rising in popularity among women who want, well, a lighter-colored labia. There are several creams on the market that claim to lighten you up, including Pink Daisy Labia Bleaching Cream.

2. kGoal

kGoal: Fitbit for Vagina

It might look like a giant vibrator, but the kGoal isn't a pleasure product. It's actually a handy device that helps ladies keep track of their vaginal workout regime. Kegel exercises tighten your muscles and can increase sexual pleasure (as well as reduce the risk of tearing during labor). While you don't need a kGoal to complete your workout, the device (and its accompanying app) certainly helps keep track of how well you're squeezing. Think of it as a Fitbit for your hoo-ha. Sound interesting? Check out the kGoal's Kickstarter campaign.

3. Vaginoplasty

If the kGoal just isn't doing the trick, you might consider vaginoplasty (91% Worth It Rating). This relatively simple surgery, which has an average cost of $4,150, will tighten your vaginal muscles, restore your vagina to its former glory, and make sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner. Think of it as a facelift below the waist!

4. The G-Shot

The G-Shot

Did you know that 75% of women don't orgasm during sex without the help of clitoral stimulation? Enter The G-Shot, an injection that's designed to increase your G-Spot's size while amping up its sensitivity during intercourse. Unfortunately, the feel-good effects are temporary, but you can get a "refill" every 4-6 months to make that lovin' feeling last.

5. Vagina Facial

When was the last time you gave your vagina a facial? Probably never, but now's as good a time as any to start. These v-pampering sessions (also known as Peach Smoothies) usually cost around $50 –– and trust us, they're totally worth it. Not only will your vagina get groomed, exfoliated, and moisturized, it'll be treated to a healing mask and maybe even an acid peel. How refreshing!

6. Labiaplasty

Looking to revamp your labia? Women who aren't happy with the appearance of their vaginal folds (which can tear during childbirth or stretch with age) can opt for a surgical makeover called labiaplasty. The procedure tends to be pricey (with an average cost of nearly $4,000), but RealSelf consumers have also sung its praises with an 86% Worth It Rating.

Have you had experience with any of these out-of-the-box (pun intended) vaginal procedures? Tell us your story in the comments.

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