Does God approve of plastic surgery?

A. Foley on 23 Apr 2009 at 11:34am

For many contemplating cosmetic surgery, there's a search for an answer to "Am I doing the right thing?"

Beyond concerns of being accused of vanity, those with strong religious views may face the concern that plastic surgery is a sin, concluding, "God made me this way, so changing myself is going against his wishes."

One of our site members recently reflected on her decision to get a nose job and whether it was going against God's intentions.

MissIlinois2009 started out believing cosmetic surgery was a sin, then later rectified it as in line with her beliefs.  In her own words:

While I acknowledge that God made us all unique in our own way, I no longer think that getting cosmetic surgery is in any way a sin, especially if it can have medical benefits or even just make you feel better about yourself.

God does not want us to suffer?

MissIlinois2009 continues, "I do not think God wants us to suffer but to reach our full potential and be happy."

  • Another community member's post about her silicone breast implants reflects the sentiment that perhaps God had not intended her to be flat-chested.  "I have wanted [my breasts] done since I was young because I think GOD forgot to give them to me."

Feel free to share your opinion on whether you think God approves of cosmetic surgery.