Kids Get Plastic Surgery to Combat Bullying

Princess 19 on 8 Apr 2011 at 12:00am

Getting teased is one of the worst things to experience in childhood. But, what does a parent do when it escalates to bullying? For some, it’s turning to plastic surgery.

As reported by ABC News, a growing number of children are undergoing plastic surgery for cosmetic vs. corrective reasons. Procedures on children and teens had a 30 percent increase since 2000 in the most recent American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery survey. Bullying is one of the reasons attributed to the rise.

ear-pinning for big ear tormentABC documented two young children who were bullied for the size of their ears. Both sets of parents chose to have otoplasty to heed the taunts of the bullies and to prevent the anticipated years of anguish their children would experience.  At an average cost of $3400, RealSelf patients say otoplasty is a valued procedure.  (Worth It Rating 88%)

"Otoplasty changed my life, " said RealSelf user saraecheverri777.

“My son can have his hair cut short now,” said RealSelf user LucyZ, who had the procedure done on her child as a result of teasing.

Experts reported that bullying may lead to depression and poor performance in school. These parents felt it was important to prevent that.

"If we had gone much longer, we might have started to see some of those other behaviors," said the mother of Brian Donoghue, 11-year-old boy who had otoplasty last summer.

Seven-year-old Samantha Shaw's mom agrees: “Having it done now is probably the best, instead of when she gets older and they make fun of her more."

"The ideal age is about six years old. The ear is 90 percent of adult size, so we can operate successfully and a child is old enough to understand why the operation is important,” said Dr. Steven Pearlman, the New York plastic surgeon who performed Samantha's surgery.

"She wants to wear her hair like other girls in her class do," said the little girl’s mom, "and she wants to get her ears pierced."

Now, she will get the chance.

before and after ear-pinning

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