Pear? Apple? Kumquat? Which Body Shape Is Best for CoolSculpting?

JenforReal on 19 Mar 2014 at 9:00am

Nonsurgical fat reduction procedures are among our most-searched treatments heading into spring.Today we have a guest post from Dr. David Kaufman about body shapes that will see the best body contouring results from CoolSculpting.  

With warmer weather just around the corner, the question of how to bring out the best in your body suddenly takes on a bit more urgency. After all, it’s a lot harder to hide your shape in a bikini than a thick winter coat! CoolSculpting promises to deliver slimmer, smoother lines without the anesthesia, incisions or downtime that surgical liposuction requires, but which body type will see the best outcome?

For Pear-Shaped Bodies
The pear-shaped body is narrow up top and fuller through the hips, thighs, belly and bottom. For people who are at or near their target weight but have a few isolated fatty deposits in the lower body, CoolSculpting can offer the ideal solution for a more streamlined look.

For Apple-Shaped Bodies
Apple-shaped bodies typically have shoulders that are broader than their hips, yet with slender legs. This combination can make the belly and chest look rounder by comparison, especially considering the apple-shaped body’s tendency to gain weight right at the waistline. Nonsurgical body sculpting can minimize unwanted belly fat that lingers despite a commitment to eating right and staying active.

Ensuring Beautiful Results
While there really isn’t such a thing as a "kumquat" body shape, this brings up an excellent point: as tempting as it may be to restrict yourself to a certain category, the truth is that every body shape has its own particular beauty. CoolSculpting can deliver terrific results for the right candidate, helping to ensure that you look great on the beach this summer no matter what fruit you most identify with.

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