Do Nose Jobs Really Make You Look 1.5 Years Younger?

MakenzieR on 22 Jan 2012 at 2:00pm

Last week our Facebook Photos of the Day featured rhinoplasty results -- due to a study making the national news circuit which said nose jobs may make people look an average of 1.5 years younger

But there's an important part of this "revelation" that the story glosses over: frequently in "after" photos, patients have more make-up, better hair, and a cheerier disposition.

HealthDay did quote plastic surgeon Dr. Seth Thaller, who said he has "noted a complete change in people's own self-perception. They frequently feel better about themselves. They may change their hair style, clothing and makeup. This may in fact also help to make them appear younger or rejuvenated." However that point was not the focus of the story.

So it's acknowledged these things could be a factor, yet we don't know how many study photos fit that profile. If you browse the 2,000+ rhinoplasty photos on RealSelf, you'll see plenty of people who don't look much younger or made over (even if their noses are drastically changed). But how swayed might the study have been if all the photos featured heavily made-over patients? After all, 41/50 of the examples shown were female. 

We've rounded up some pictures that showcase this issue -- determine for yourself if it changes how you feel about the study results. 

rhinoplasty before and after
Additional make-up

nose job photos
Additional make-up

rhinoplasty photos
Complete makeover

rhinoplasty photos
Hair makeover

nose job before and after
Additional make-up

nose job before and after pictures
Additional make-up (and maybe a little Botox?)


There's nothing wrong with these photos as tools for a doctor's office. But I'd like to think in order to maintain more accurate results the study didn't use images like these -- but who "nose." 

*If you're seriously considering a nose job, rhinoplasty expert Dr. Jack Gunter has some great advice on how to evaluate before and after photos. 

What do you think about this study's claims? Do people look younger because of a nose job? Or is it external factors? 

Photo credits: Eric M. Joseph, MDWilliam Portuese, MD; Gilbert Lee, MD; Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS; Steve Laverson, MD; William Portuese, MD