North Korean Heir Tries to Look Like Grandpa

K. Mathews on 1 Jul 2011 at 10:00am

While Kim Jong-il is still the Supreme Leader of North Korea, his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, is being groomed to become his successor. And I mean “groomed” in the most extreme way: Kim Jong-un is said to have undergone plastic surgery six times in order to better resemble his father and late grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

When genetics did not provide Kim Jong-un with enough of a familial resemblance to his patriarchs, Kim Jong-un turned to cosmetic enhancements. Although rumors of Kim Jong-un’s procedures have been circulating for a while now, a reporter quoting top North Korean officials has essentially confirmed the claims.

Plenty of people turn to plastic surgery to look more youthful, but it’s a rare case when someone gets work done to look more like his/her grandparent. Then again, we’re talking about the leaders of a country with one of the shiftiest nuclear weapons policies, so I guess we can’t expect them to follow the status quo.

While critics of plastic surgery generally consider it an act of vanity, it’s hard to dispute that true vanity is a man who asks his son to alter his appearance to look more like his father and grandfather. But what do you expect from a man with an ego as inflated as Kim Jong-il? The North Korean dictator claims that he was born supernaturally, invented hamburgers, and got five holes-in-one the first time he played a round of golf.

I think it’s safe to speculate that having plastic surgery to look like Kim Il-sung is an isolated incident rather than a trend as it is with Angelina Jolie, although I wouldn’t put it past Kim Jong-il to start demanding it of his people.

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