Frotox: New Injectable Filler in Testing

K. Mathews on 19 Aug 2012 at 9:00am


Step aside, Botox? A new product called “Frotox” is expected to hit plastic surgeons’ offices in the not too distant future, and the buzz is that the still-in-testing filler may rival other popular wrinkle removers.

So what is Frotox? It’s an injection of cold liquid nitrogen that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Though the substance was designed to alleviate pain (not unlike Botox which has been used by some as a headache relief), Frotox was found to take care of wrinkles even more effectively. The cold is said to be severe, but because Frotox simultaneously relaxes nerves, patients supposedly feel a brief sensation of pressure instead of coldness.

Although doctors and trial patients are forbidden from divulging information at this stage, the unofficial word is that both parties are excited by the early effectiveness of Frotox.

One rumored perk about Frotox is its speed. Botox takes a few days to show a change in appearance and generally about two weeks to achieve full results, Frotox insiders are claiming it has instantaneous effects. In the age of instant gratification, this could be a huge plus.

It's also reported Frotox has received approval from the USDA, but its creators are continuing its testing phase to work out how to provide patients with optimal results. While only time will tell whether Frotox will overtake Botox as the most popular wrinkle eliminator, there is hope for people like Yny who express concern over toxicity. Though the doctors assure their patients that such small amounts of Botox are not harmful, there seems to be a growing demand for alternative injectables.


Are you excited about more injectable filler options coming to market? Does the alleged toxicity of Botox turn you off? Let us know if the comments below!


photo credit: aleksandr markin