Nestle Glowelle Beauty Drink to launch at Neiman Marcus

Beauty Cred on 9 Aug 2008 at 8:46pm

Nestlé Co. has decided to join the bandwagon of companies (such as Murad, Perricone, Dr. Brandt, Kinerase and Borba) that have introduced a dietary supplement for beauty. This September, Nestle will launch a beauty drink called Glowelle, which will contain antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical & fruit extracts.

According to Nestle, a daily serving of Glowelle (which will come in juice and powder packet form) helps delay aging by hydrating the skin from the inside and out. Furthermore, Dr. Susan Beck, the scientist and nutritionist for research and development on Glowelle, says that the juice form spells less work for the digestive system, making it easier (compared to pills and capsules) to obtain the benefits of dietary supplements.
Aquafina has recently introduced its own line of nutrient-enriched dietary supplement beverage, called Alive, that comes in four flavors. Alive Satisfy, a peach-mango flavored variant with 10% daily value for  fiber and lightly fills up with 10 calories.

At $7.00/bottle, is Glowelle worth it?