Facelifts, Breast Lifts, and CoolSculpting — The RealSelf Top 5 Photos of the Week (GRAPHIC)

Jager Weatherby on 15 Feb 2015 at 5:00pm

The community of RealSelf was certainly busy last week! Of the thousands of photos posted between February 8 and 14, there were a few in particular that our users couldn’t get enough of. From eyelid stitches to the "stick of butter" after CoolSculpting, here are the most popular photos of the week.

1. RealSelf user realrockergirl — Facelift, Neck Lift, Fat Transfer, and Laser Resurfacing

“I'm 63 years old and have always maintained a young-looking, lean, fit and trim body; but over the last decade I was noticing my face was really looking old and tired. I'd been thinking about a facelift for several years so my face would match the rest of my body and look like I feel.”

Photo caption: “1 day pre-op — no makeup.” Read more of her review here.

2. RealSelf user melkes — Fat Repositioning Under Eyelid Procedure

“I turn 50 in a couple of months. I realized the past 6 months I had bags under my eyes and I had never really noticed before. [...] Mr doctor recommended fat repositioning but also said its a longer healing time, more costly, have to have anesthesia. Decided just to do it and am very happy with results so far.”

Photo caption: “Day 2 - stitches on outside to keep fat moved in place - argh!!” Read more of her review here.

3. RealSelf user Happiness15 — Breast Lift

“I am amazed at the look and shape of my new breasts. They remind me of the youthful, full, perky breasts I had in my 20's before childbirth.”

Photo caption: “After (3 weeks only).” Read more of her review here.

4. RealSelf user scooter64 — Mommy Makeover

“After almost 30 years of despising my body, I decided to do something about it with the full support of an amazing husband. I had a breast lift with 700cc moderate profile silicone and a tummy tuck with 4-inch muscle repair. I was prepared for incredible pain; however, it just wasn't as awful as so many of the reviews I read. I am so happy with my results thus far and do not regret my decision.”

Photo caption: “3 weeks post op — lots of swellin in the tops of my thighs. ” Read more of her review here.

5. RealSelf user EAmommyNC — CoolSculpting

“I eat well and workout almost daily, but two pregnancies have left a ‘belt’ of pudge around my midsection that won’t go away. I saw an ad for Coolsculpting, and after doing research and reading all of these reviews, I figured it was worth a shot.”

Photo caption: “The ‘stick of butter.’ I was told it was a really great ‘draw.’” Read more of her review here.

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