Men Like Big Butts...for Themselves

K. Mathews on 13 Feb 2012 at 12:00pm



Butt augmentations are the fastest growing trend in plastic surgery. RealSelf searches for butt augs increased a whopping 39% in the past year, a bigger leap than for any other procedure. But while the media focus is on women who are searching for information on rounder rumps, we've found some gentlemen who are curious about the procedure, too.

But how would a Brazilian Butt Lift look on a man?

Aesthetic Differences

"Men's butts are totally different than women's butts. Seems to me that [a] man's butt has a hole on the side of each cheek," points out curious RealSelf member A1990. “Are doctors are able to create that shape?

They sure can. "For a man's gluteal region, we create less of a rounded, feminized look and try to emphasize the lines and shape of the muscles underneath,” says plastic surgeon Dr. B. Pat Pazmino.

Surgical Difficulties

There’s one key factor that makes it harder for males to enhance their butts than females: men typically have less body fat than women (and if they don’t they may not be in search of extra behind anyway).

“Unlike for most other procedures I do in plastic surgery, lean and muscular patients pose the biggest problem for buttocks augmentation,” says Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez.

“The first reason is that if I use an implant, the implant will be less disguised by the overlying tissue. The second reason is that if I want to use fat, the fact that the patient is lean means that there is little fat donor tissue available.”


Brazilian Butt Lift

male butt lifts

"The liposuction and liposculpture portion of the surgery will emphasize an upside down triangle appearance of the torso, with great attention of the love handles and the smooth continuation into the waist and upper buttock area,” says Dr. Pazmino.

Butt Implants

Where the implants are placed matters greatly.

Just ask RealSelf member WRREMY who found out that being “muscular, lean, and in great shape” made the placement of his implants less successful than he’d hoped [below] As Dr. Rodriguez cautioned, he may not have had the cushioning for his ideal appearance.

Dr. Peter A. Aldea shares that “For the vast majority [of butt implants] to look good, they must be covered with as much soft tissue as possible. [They] can be placed either under the

  • Buttock skin
  • Lining of the gluteus muscle (fascia)
  • Inside the muscle (best location)
  • Under the muscle

When done right, the results can be quite impressive. Check out this photo of a butt implant surgery performed by Dr. Ryan Stanton of Beverly Hills.

male butt implants

This patient went from having an fairly flat backside to having a shapely rear that would fill out a pair of jeans. We're willing to bet that this guy would be one of the 6 of 10 RealSelf members who declare the procedure Worth It. Maybe if Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote his hit song today, his refrain “I like big butts and I cannot lie” would refer to his own posterior.

Gentlemen: Would you ever consider a butt augmentation?
Ladies: What do you think about men having this done?

Photo credit: RealSelf member A1990; Michael Salzhauer, MD; Ryan Stanton, MD