Jason Torres Spent over $313,000 to Turn Himself into Barbie

Princess 19 on 12 Dec 2011 at 11:00am

Cindy Jackson and Sarah Burge have some competition!  Someone else is vying for the title of "Real Life Barbie."  What makes this person different is that they started out as a "Jason."  Becoming Barbie for him was a bit more...well, difficult.

Regardless of the controversy over wanting to be proportional to the iconic (albeit overly voluptuous) doll, some people still insist Barbie is the epitome of perfect.  Jason Torres was no different.  He, now she, has spent over $313,000 and has had 15+ surgeries to emulate her icon - with no regret.  Now known as Nicole Sanders, she recently gave a in-depth interview regarding her transformation and the tough road getting there to the Daily Mail.

Since a very early age, Nicole has always felt like a girl trapped in a male body.  The thoughts led to depression, a suicide attempt and a falling out with family.  But, that was then.  Now Nicole leads a very happy life as a transsexual and entertainer known as Nikki Exotika - all with Barbie flair.

"Growing up I was always playing with Barbie dolls and I just loved the way she looked," she said.  

Jason Torres pre-surgery  Barbie vs. Nicole  Barbie vs. Nicole

That desire led to numerous surgeries starting at the age of 18. 

Here is the laundry list of how Jason became Barbie:

"I have had pretty much everything done except liposuction - I've always been naturally skinny," she added.

"I didn't want to be natural - I wanted to be glamorous and beautiful, just like Barbie."

Torres/Sanders/Exotika's story may not be the norm when it comes to cosmetic surgery, but we're happy she's found peace in her new form.  And at least she admits that achieving the "Barbie look" and "looking natural" don't usually to go hand-in-hand.

Do you think Barbie is a beauty role model?    

See the video behind Sanders' Daily Mail photo shoot below.  The soundtrack alone is worth the 4 minute watch.  Try to NOT get up boogie.  It will be hard.

Photo credits:  Nikki Exotika, Daily Mail and Flickr by silanak (fely)