Madonna and Anna Paquin are Inspiring Gap Tooth Requests

MakenzieR on 12 Apr 2012 at 5:30pm

Madonna teethWhen you think dental veneers, you probably picture a perfectly straight, white smile. The tooth-toppers have become an increasingly popular way for people to have a smile makeover that leaves them looking ready to shoot a Crest commercial. However, the latest trend in teeth is to leave them slightly imperfect.

According to New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Timothy Chase, “There is a growing backlash to perfectly straight white ‘Hollywood’ smiles. Many people are embracing their own slight imperfections, and some are even requesting a little individuality to be retained or created when creating new smiles.”

Aside from ditching the bright white “I definitely did this at the dentist’s office” hue, Dr. Chase says that “one of the most frequently asked for imperfections is a small gap between the two front teeth, just like Anna Paquin and the most famous Madonna.  Other people are opting to leave their teeth slightly crooked -- think Katherine Heigl.”

Another leader in this “trend” is Duchess Kate (Middleton). It was reported last winter that her dentist doesn’t completely align her teeth on purpose.

Now American celebrities are following suit. “Many stars recently opted out of the fake Hollywood smile treatment, too,” adds Dr. Chase. “Katherine Hiegl and Eva Longoria have chosen to skip the veneers and use Invisalign to fix their teeth instead.”

What do you think about paying to have gapped teeth? 

Anna Paquin teeth

Photo credit: David Shankbone on Flickr; Health Magazine