Hair and Age: The Long and the Short of it

Beauty Cred on 17 Jul 2007 at 9:26am

Helen MirrenSharon StoneI’ve often heard and read commentary about how a woman’s hair length should reflect her age. Typically beauty experts suggest that the older a woman gets, the shorter she should cut her hair.

When I saw Michelle Pfeiffer at the premiere of her new movie, “Hairspray,” (see photo at left) I was thrilled that the 49 year old actress was disputing this theory and looking so hot rocking her long locks.

So many women wonder what hairstyle they can “get away with” or what’s “appropriate” for their age. I say, wear the hair that you feel best suits you and makes you feel sexy and confident. A good hairstylist won’t lead you astray eitherMichelle Pfeiffer. I have taken many a celebrity photo to my hairstylist asking for the same star studded cut, and he is the first to tell me it won’t look good with my features, or to suggest a variation that is more flattering.

I’m also on the subject of hair because I am cutting mine off this week. I currently have very long hair, perfect for twirling around my fingers and acting coy on dates. Problem is, I am now happily married and expecting my first child any minute. So, one factor in your decision making doesn’t need to have anything to do with age, but rather, convenience and lifestyle. I am going for a cut that’s just below my shoulders so I can still pull it into a ponytail, but it will look more stylish and layered without me needing to juggle both an infant and Gwyneth Paltrow length hair. And don’t get me wrong... a journey into mommyhood doesn’t need to equate to lopping off layers… I just happen to want a refreshing change.

Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you need to opt for a short, spiky ‘do if it’s not the one for you. Look at the fabulous Helen Mirren, 61. (shown here) Her sleek, silver bob exudes sophistication.

If you do want to go short, Sharon Stone, 49, (also shown above) is a great example of a woman who can pull off the short hairdo like no one else. The star is wearing her hair longer these days, but I think the shorter length is her trademark and she should stick to it.

That's the long and the short of it. Don't abide by what society thinks is the best cut for you... wear your hair in a way that makes you feel timeless.