What to Buy Before Your Liposuction Procedure

From compression garments to bandages, here's everything you should get before your liposuction procedure.

You've made the decision to get liposuction. Now what? Once your surgery date is scheduled, there's still quite a bit to do in order to prepare. Here's a list of supplies,* approved by those who have had the procedure themselves, to help you have the best experience possible. If we've left something out, let us know in the comments section below. 

To-Do Before Lipo:

  Get a regular physical to make sure you're healthy
  Schedule lymphatic massages for after the surgery (if your surgeon doesn't provide them)
 Clean the house and go grocery shopping before the surgery


Plastic gloves
Alcohol swabs
Antibacterial soap
Ear plugs and sleeping mask
Compression Garments (RealSelfers recommend buying two!)
Ice packs
Blow up ring to put on the toilet to help you sit/make it less painful
Loose, baggy clothing that is easy to get on and off
Extra pillows
Extra towels or old bed sheets to put down in the car,sofa or bed for leakage
Protein shakes/meal replacements (you might not be able to eat for the first few days)
Arnica cream/gel for bruising
Lipo foam
Gauze/tape for incision sites
Compression socks
Body wipes
Stool softner
Entertainment to keep you from getting bored during recovery!
Vitamin C

Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments section below.

*A special thanks to Transforme, Songbirdmgmt, and TeamLipo785 for helping us put together this list.

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