Leighton Meester's Mother Blew Son's Medical Money on Plastic Surgery

K. Mathews on 25 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

Some people will do just about anything to pay for plastic surgery, and Leighton Meester is learning this lesson the hard way. Leighton is suing her mother, Constance Meester, for using money she gave to take care of her brother’s medical problems on plastic surgery for herself. You don’t have to be a Gossip Girl-like fashionista to know that that’s in poor taste!

Evidently, Leighton has been sending her mother $7,500 per month to help with her brother Lex’s medical expenses. However, Constance has allegedly been neglecting her son’s health, instead spending the money on pricy cosmetic procedures.

Using RealSelf’s average procedure price data and information from the lawsuit, here’s an estimate of how much money Constance misappropriated:

Facelift - $11,900
Tummy tuck - $8,400
Botox – $500
• Hand fillers - $2,100

That’s a total of $22,900 that should have gone toward her son’s care that Constance will have to account for in court. Constance is no stranger to legal troubles. Not only did she give birth to Leighton while serving time in jail, but earlier this year she received a restraining order for threatening to kill acquaintances of hers.

Leighton and Constance Meester lawsuit

To make matters worse, Constance has threatened to counter-sue her daughter for $3 million, alleging that Leighton orally agreed to send her $10,000 every month indefinitely. Someone needs to tell Constance that all of the plastic surgery in the world won’t make her any less ugly on the inside.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life and TYCP_Sha on http://jjb.yuku.com/