Jennifer Aniston's Face Fell Off; Joan Rivers Talks Labiaplasty [Weekly Round-Up]

Princess 19 on 2 Mar 2012 at 4:30pm

Poor Jennifer Aniston.  Apparently having a new movie, a long-running syndicated TV show and a handsome movie star boyfriend does not keep her immune from the short-term pitfalls of a laser peel

She recently appeared on Conan to discuss her movie, Wanderlust,  but the subject matter quickly turned to her face.  The actress credited her glowing appearance to the laser technique which she originally started doing to remove sun spots.  She went on to chat candidly about the very volatile after-effects (which usually include everything from redness to swelling to skin peeling for most).

"I became obsessed with 'laser porn,'" Jennifer told Conan.  A term which she used to describe her addictive behavior towards the procedure.  "I went and investigated having some of those little things [sun spots] zapped."  (Thank you for saying you did your research, Jen.)

She added, "I did this thing called — it’s like a peel which is extremely intense. You don’t understand that you actually look like a battered burn victim for a week. And then it just… it starts to fall off. For like eight days! It was horrifying. I do have it documented..."

Now that we'd like to see!

"I couldn’t keep [the skin that fell off] in one intact piece, sadly," she lamented.

Conan happily went on to add that her fallen skin could have been sold on Ebay.  Say it with us...gross.  Even if it is Jen Aniston.

Joan Rivers on 20/20In other news...

  • Joan Rivers appeared on 20/20 and chatted up with Barbara Walters about - what else - having too much surgery.  Barbara asked Joan what she thought was the most extreme surgery out there.  Her answer?  Vaginal rejuvenation.  When asked if she ever had the labiaplasty procedure done, Joan jubilantly answers, "Why bother?  There's no hope, Barbara." [ABC]
  • There is buzz (isn't there always) that Lindsay Lohan may have gone under a few filler procedures in anticipation of her upcoming SNL appearance.  The actress seems to appear more...plump.  [Fox News]
  • Want to get some work done in Australia?  Join their military.  Apparently, the Australian Defence Force has funded 1500 plastic surgery procedures to the tune of $3.5 million Australian dollars.  That's about $3.7 million US dollars.  [The Courier-Mail]
  • A Groupon-type website JUST for cosmetic procedures?  Apparently so.  An entrepreneur in Toronto has launched what they are claiming is the first deal site exclusively selling discounted surgery and enhancements.  It's called Socially Sexy Deals No, we did not make that up.  [Global Montreal]

How often would you go to a deal site to check out say, discounted boob jobs? 

Photo credit:  TBS Conan and ABC 20/20