The Most Talked-About Male Tummy Tucks: 9 Before and Afters

JulesBernstein on 7 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

man grabbing belly Tummy tuck is one of the largest communities on RealSelf -- but don't get the impression that it's just for ladies. Male RealSelfers have done it too, and they've got the pics to prove it.

We've pulled together nine of the most talked-about transformations, the ones with the most comments and compliments on RealSelf. 

Check out the before and afters, along with a little update from the member on their post-op progress, below.

53-Year-Old Who Lost 50 Pounds

male abdomen before and after tummy tuck

"It's been a year and I love my flat belly." -ABSCAPES

Australian Guy, Loving Life

male abdomen blue shorts before and after tummy tuck

"I am nearly 9 months post op, and feeling pretty much 100% normal. The scar is healing well, and the results are great. I expect the scar will really start to improve, now that we are getting closer to 12 months [post-op]." -npkd

Texan Who Lost 90 Pounds

male hairy abdomen before and after tummy tuck

"My scar is still quite dark ... However, I feel absolutely great ... I even went shirtless for the first time in my life, kayaking down the river. I've been able to maintain my weight loss with regular exercise and a decent diet." -MikeyG

An 'Abscaper' From Washington, D.C.

male belly before and after tummy tuck

"Seven months post-op and I feel great -- like nothing had ever happened until I look at myself in the mirror. I think the Dr. did a great job with the TT ..." -MaleTT

125 lbs. Lighter in Des Moines, Iowa

male abdomen with bruising before and after tummy tuck

"2 weeks of recovery down, and can already stand up 90% straight. I know I will only feel better, and am looking forward to the continued recovery from here." -MaleTucker

Very Motivated in Virginia Beach

male large belly before and after tummy tuck

"I'm doing fine and have been doing crossfit again. I still have redness and swelling around my abdominal area. But I can wear normal pants and jeans ..." -Stubakka

Super Fit in Ontario, Canada

male loose skin on abdomen before and after tummy tuck

"I lost 170 pounds and have become more fit than I ever thought I could be. Without this procedure, I wouldn't have gone as far in the journey as I needed to!" -sco71

Very Happy in Vegas

male weight loss tummy tuck before and after

"I'm still feeling great and am very happy with the results! Can't stop staring at myself in the mirror." -Moneyman202

Flat Ab Dreams Realized in Israel

male with blue shorts before and after tummy tuck

"I like the results and every day it looks better." -orelduani

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