House Bunny Anna Faris Throws Away the Push-Up Bra

Amy Spagnola on 23 May 2011 at 2:00pm

Known for her blonde, buxom and brainless on-screen roles, Anna Faris’ breakout hit was the Scary Movie franchise. Since then, her Barbie meets bonehead persona has allowed her to get more and more roles that capitalize on her good looks.

Faris’ first few movies featured her petite body and her A cup size. Fast forward to her film as a Playboy bunny and suddenly her breasts appeared more ample. The push-up bra she donned in the movie The House Bunny made her eager to enhance her own cup size and self-esteem. The star has said that being in the movie, made her feel, “over-the-top ridiculous and sexy.” To keep her Hefner-worthy hotness factor high she decided on a breast boost. Today, her breasts have new fullness, greater projection and a sultry vibe. With implants, Faris says she "likes the idea of feeling more womanly."

Anna Faris before and after breast implantsWhile there are tragic tales behind any surgery, many women on RealSelf are as happy as Faris with their implants. Julie7's headline says it all: "Warning! Noticeably Increased Self-Confidence." sweet_america80 agrees: "I would recommend the breast augmentation to anyone who is unhappy with their breast[s]. It has boosted my confidence!"

Anna’s flat chest is a thing of the past.  But if breast implants are still on your to-do list, it’s important to understand that everyone will have different results, even with the exact same implant.  If you envy her new look, taking a picture to your consultation may help achieve similar results. 

What do you think of Anna's results? Should she be so open about loving her implants while also being a role model for teenage girls?

breast implant before and after photos

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