Despite Horror Stories and Doctor Warnings, Women Clamor for Cement Butt Injections

WriterMama on 9 Apr 2012 at 8:00am

In Florida last fall, Oneal Morris claimed to be a doctor and lured women into her home with the promise of inexpensive PMAA butt injections. Instead, she injected several unsuspecting posteriors with a mixture of cement, super glue, mineral oil, and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant.

As many as 30 victims received these toxic injections, with devastating results. One was hospitalized with sores, flu-like symptoms, and severe pain. Another, who opted for facial injections, suffered sores and disfigurement and had to undergo an operation (with a real doctor this time) to extract the cement from her face.

Though it was front page news for days, these and other home butt-job horror stories don't seem to dissuade women from seeking out this curve-enhancing treatment.

PMMA butt injections

Even doctors discourage PMAA

While it's easy for many to see why the bargain-basement version of butt injections isn't the best idea, the actual PMAA treatment performed by experienced practitioners—which consists of bottom-loading with cement used in surgical applications—is not recommended by medical professionals.

“Using PMMA or any other permanent substance for buttock augmentation has two main problems,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton. “1) If the "surgeon" is using the real thing, then the cost would be prohibitive for most any patient to afford (e.g., $150,000+), and 2) Permanent fillers are just not safe for buttock augmentation because of the potential for severe hardening, infection, migration/movement of the material, etc. Buttock augmentation is possible, but stick with tried and true methods such as implants or fat transfer.”

silicone butt injectionsPlastic surgeon Dr. Richard P. Rand states his opinion a bit more bluntly: “Does injecting cement into the butt sound like a good idea to you? If it does, I wonder why. I would turn and run from anybody proposing that to you.”

So what's the attraction?

Despite evidence that PMAA injections may not be the best choice for butt augmentation, many women and MTF transgender women are actively seeking reliable practitioners to give them the goods. A recent review of the procedure on RealSelf yielded 116 comments—the majority of them requesting contact information for the doctor.

Many commenters thought nothing of posting personal information online in exchange for a lead on this type of butt enhancement. Shaunace wrote: “Could you PLEASE send me more location info. VERY INTERESTED. You can reach me @[EMAIL] or [PHONE] pleeeeeease.” 

transgender butt injectionsWhat makes PMAA their preferred method of butt augmentation, despite the risks? The answer may lie in one or more of the following factors:

  • Recovery time: With a typical PMAA process, you're unable to sit or lay on your buttocks for 24 to 48 hours. Recovery time for implants is around two weeks, with a month before returning to normal activities. And with a Brazilian butt lift, you'll spend 8 weeks recovering, and 3 months before you see results.
  • Gradual gains: When you undergo traditional implants or Brazilian lifts, it's a one-time procedure, and you're stuck with the butt size you get. PMAA injections can be given incrementally in low doses—so you can try out your new size and decide if you want to go bigger. This also lets you spread out the payments.
  • Cost: This is likely the biggest reason ladies yearn for PMAA. With a price tag of as low as $300, and usually under $1,000, it's the most affordable option by far. Butt implants will set you back $3,000 to $10,000, with an average of $4,500—and a Brazilian butt lift typically starts at $5,000 (for questionable out-of-country procedure “packages” including airfare and hotel), and can climb to well over $10,000 with domestic surgeons.

What's a flat-bottomed girl to do?

If you're looking for more junk in your trunk, doctors say your best bet is to opt for the tried-and-true methods—butt implants or a Brazilian butt lift

While those options are more expensive, many reputable plastic surgeons offer financing options, so you can still enjoy the rump you've always wanted without ponying up your life's savings all at once.

Maneuver those curves safely!

brazilian butt lift before and after

Photo credits: Ashkan Ghavami, MD