5 At-Home Breast Enhancement Hacks Debunked

11 Aug 2014 at 11:00am

Written by Adele Rayburn

At-Home Breast Enhancement

When it comes to lovely lady lumps, a lot* of women can agree on one thing: the bigger the better! And while there are plenty of tricks for enhancing your cup size without going under the knife, some of the most popular non-surgical "boob hacks" just don't work. RealSelf spoke to expert breast surgeons Dana Khuthaila and Lavinia Chong to get the truth behind five at-home enhancements. It's time for these bad boys to be debunked!

*Psst, if you're interested in a breast reduction rather than enhancement, RealSelf has you covered. Head over here for everything you need to know!

Myth: Breast Massage Will Help Tissue Grow

We know there's nothing like a good ol' fashioned boob massage, but don’t think you’re going to grow a cup size by oiling up your breast friends. "Massages only cause swelling, which lasts a very short time as a result of the edema from the mechanical manipulation of the tissue," says Dr. Khuthaila. Long story short, your breasts might be poppin' post-massage, but they'll be back to their former size in no time. 

Myth: Pectoral Exercises Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

Think push-ups are the answer to a bountiful bust? Not so much. "Pectoral exercises like push-ups may increase the size of the muscle underneath the breast, but they don't actually increase the fat or breast tissue content," Dr. Khuthaila explains. "The fact that there is so little that can actually be done to enhance the breasts permanently is one of the main reasons why breast surgeries are so popular and generally result in some of the happiest patients." Meanwhile, Dr. Chong adds that "yoga, weight lifting, and pilates will improve the muscular platform, however they won't firm up a droopy breast mound because the Cooper's ligaments (which create the form of the breast) can't be sufficiently strengthened."


Myth: Gain Five Pounds and It'll Go Straight to Your Boobs

You may have noticed that your breasts increase in size when you pack on weight during the holidays. (That pumpkin pie doesn't eat itself!) But you know what else increases in size? Your waistline! "While weight gain can increase the fat content of breasts, it obviously isn’t a good option for most people who would like a larger bust," says Dr. Khuthaila. “Increasing calories augments the fat components of a woman's abdomen, thighs, and hips, as well as the breasts, which may not be easy to shift," Dr. Chong adds. She also makes the point that "a fatty breast is seldom a perky one!"

Myth: Increasing Estrogen Intake Will Enhance Your Assets

The good news is that phytoestrogen-rich foods like soy and flax are healthy (and delicious!) when eaten in moderation. The bad news is that they won't make your breast tissue grow. "It's tempting to increase dietary estrogen, however the dose-response curve is unpredictable," Dr. Chong explains. "Unlike the hormonal fluctuations present in pregnancy and menopause (when breasts can grow), the amount of estrogen needed to plump bosoms would need to be supplemented with progesterone, for which dietary sources are sparse. Very few women advocate eating their placentas!"

Myth: Lathering on Breast Cream Will Do The Trick

Creams like Brestrogen are often praised by women who use them, but are they totally safe? The verdict is still out. "Breast creams contain phytoestrogens and homeopathic agents,” says Dr. Chong. “These are anecdotally effective, but they haven't been investigated in clinical trials." Remember, it's always a good idea to consult a doctor when starting any over-the-counter medication — even if it's a seemingly innocuous topical cream.


So, what do you do if you want larger breasts but definitely don't want implants? You could consider a fat-transfer. "Fat is suctioned from a different body part and injected into the breasts," says Dr. Khuthaila. "A percentage of it will be reabsorbed by the body, but the fat that remains will enlarge the breasts by one to two cup sizes and last for a very long time.” While it sounds like a fantastic option, Dr. Chong explains that possible complications include fatty cysts and "radiographic abnormalities" during mammograms. These masses have the possibility of appearing similar to cancer, and a biopsy may need to be performed in order to ensure a diagnosis.

Or, you know… you could always just get a trusty push-up bra!

Have you ever tried to boost your breast size with one of these at-home enhancements? Tell us your story in the comments!

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