This Doctor’s 1 Piece of Advice May Change How You See Yourself

Elisabeth Kramer on 14 Oct 2015 at 10:30am

Dr. Heidi WaldorfAt RealSelf, every question has a person behind it — someone who’s come to the site looking for answers. And sometimes the answers they get from board-certified doctors aren’t just clinical opinions.

Take leading New York City dermatologist and Top Doctor Heidi A. Waldorf’s recent response to one young woman’s RealSelf question.

Nineteen years old and sometimes feeling too depressed about her looks to leave home, the teen asked RealSelf doctors what she should do. Dr. Waldorf’s advice: Feel better on the inside first.

“I hate to sound like your mother,” she began, “but you have to feel good to look good. Before seeking cosmetic procedures, you need to work on your self-image and start to love yourself ‘warts and all,’ as the saying goes.”

To help get that confidence boost, Dr. Waldorf offered this recommendation: Every day look in the mirror and say one thing that’s great about yourself. “We see so many girls and women of every size, shape, and color with poor self-image,” she adds. “It’s an epidemic!”

If you can’t think of something to say, then it might be time to seek out other resources such as a therapist to improve self-esteem issues, adds the doctor.

Only when you feel better about you is it time to seek out a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. “The answer shouldn’t always be what procedure [a woman should have],” Dr. Waldorf says. “Sometimes it needs to be if any procedure is appropriate or if there are other issues at hand.”

We couldn’t agree more. Spread the #confidence by sharing one nice thing about yourself in the comments below.