Why Are Girls 18 and Under Getting Breast Implants?

MakenzieR on 5 May 2011 at 2:00pm

Thought breast implants were only for 18+? Well, that's what the FDA recommends. It's not uncommon for high schoolers with severely asymetrical or underdeveloped breasts to opt for the procedure with parental consent. But according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 47.4% of last year's implants for girls 18 and under were "Purely cosmetic bilateral breast augmentation.

Breast implants in under 18

I did the math, and that's about 2,015 teenage girls who were allowed to get implants just because they wanted bigger boobs. Though breast augmentation on those 18 and under only accounted for 1% of all augmentations in 2010, that still seems like a surprising amount to me.

Maybe that 47% is entirely 18 year olds who ran to the plastic surgeon's office the day after graduation... and maybe I'm just bitter because my parents made me wait, and I still haven't done it...

Does this number surprise you? Would you let your daughter get breast implants before she was out of high school?

Photo credit: Fausto Hernandez Photography on flickr.com     Graph credit: RealSelf