Bigger Boobs, Smaller Prices -- Thanks, Groupon!

MakenzieR on 18 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

It seems like you can get anything for a discount on Groupon if you wait long enough. Your bike fixed, trapeze lessons, Botox, laser hair removal, lipo... Well, last week Parisians were offered half-off new boobs! 

Yes, you read that correctly. Fifty-four percent off breast implants at a "private plastic surgery clinic," to be exact.

Groupon breast implants Paris

It reads "New! Finally treat yourself to the chest of your dreams for 2,499 euros instead of 5,430 in a private plastic surgery clinic; pay in two installments," as translated by the Business Insider.

We're the first to advise caution when buying a cosmetic group-coupon. But thus far the most invasive we've seen are for liposuction, which is offered more and more at aesthetic spas and clinics, not just in board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologists' offices. 

breast implant before and after photos"[Group coupons are] not appropriate for cosmetic surgery since you must have a formal consultation and examination prior to determining if you are even a candidate for surgery," says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robin Yuan. "Cosmetic surgery is not an on-demand service."

There's nothing to say the clinic offering the Parisian Groupon doesn't give great results for the right patients. But with Groupon deals you have to pay that day. Perhaps there's a different return policy if the doctor tells you upon arrival that you aren't a good candidate? Which begs the question: if they need the business bad enough to offer a Groupon, would they actually turn away those who already spent the money?

How do you feel about buying invasive cosmetic procedures from discount, pay-up-front sites? What would convince you to do it?