Fraxel Repair: 5 Before & Afters [PHOTOS]

A. Foley on 3 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


According to search volume from the RealSelf community, Fraxel Repair is a hot topic as of late. Maybe some people got too much summer sun, or maybe they are simply looking for a fall refresher from the $1,750 CO2 laser treatment. The reviews are still a mixed bag, with a 56% Worth It Rating, but here is a round up of five true before and afters to give a sneak peek of Fraxel Repair results.

57 year-old female wanted to improve wrinkles below and around eyes, remove age spots, and improve texture. Combination Fraxel repair and alexandrite laser performed by Dr. William Groff, DO.

Fraxel repair treatment to reduce facial wrinkles and improve the texture of her skin. Performed by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, MD.

Fraxel laser repair performed by Dr Michael A. Persky, MD.

Male patient has Fraxel Repair treatment to reduce and get rid of acne on his face. Performed by Dr. William Groff, DO.

Patient had Fraxel repair to her face, neck and chest to freshen up the appearance of her skin. Performed by Dr. Edward Szachowicz, MD, PhD.


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