Find Out What You'd Look Like With A Brazilian Butt Lift [VIDEO]

Nicole Karlis on 17 Jul 2013 at 9:00am

All you need are two CD's, rice and panty hose.

If you're trying to decide how many cc's are right for your body shape -- there's an easy at-home solution for this. 
Just how you can make at-home rice sizers to see what you'd look with breast implants, you can do a similar test for the Brazilian butt lift. It's a great tool to see what you'd really look like with a bigger booty.
A few things to keep in mind though, this DIY Brazilian butt lift is simply just a test to help you get a gauge on what you'd look like with different cc sizes. It isn't a substitute for an actual consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Also, make sure to try this with stretchy yoga or exercise pants to get the full effect. And finally, an at-home BBL should stay in the confinements of your own home -- it might be a little awkward and uncomfortable sitting on rice and CD's for an entire evening.
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What You Need:
1. 2 knee-high panty hose
2. A measuring cup
3. 2 CD's
4. Dry rice
5. Scissors 
Remember: Make the sizers half the number of cc's that you want injected to account for fat loss after the transfer. So if you're thinking about getting 1000cc's in each cheek make a 500 cc rice sizer for each cheek.
The measurements are as follows:
1/4 cup of rice = 75 cc's
1/2 cup of rice = 150 cc's
1 cup of rice= 300 cc's
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