"Fat Whisperer" Coaxes Fat From Body

Julie Clark Robinson on 9 Jun 2011 at 11:00am

If only it could be that easy, right?  Infamous West Hollywood Fat Whisperer Mary Ascension Saulnier prescribes strict calorie counting, detoxing and ultrasound technology when sending fat packing.  Yea, so what else is new?  Well, she actually talks to the fat...but not in the same “I loathe you” kind of way that most of us talk to our muffin tops. 

“I command you to get out!” orders the raw food chef and Pilates instructor to her clients (most of whom are celebs).  But first, an ultrasound emitter zeros in on problem areas and then the client is slathered in an herbal paste, wrapped with an Ace bandage and packed into an inflatable rubber suit.

Kim Kardashian fat whisperer“I listen to what emotion is in the cell membrane, and then I talk to it,” she said during an interview with Elle magazine. Once a student at The Santa Fe Academy of Natural Healing, she explains that her technique gets her close to the emotional heart of her clients’ over-eating issues.

While traditional weight-loss docs don’t necessary speak directly to blubber, conventional wisdom does point to seeing a therapist in case there are issues that go beyond calorie intake and output.  “It would not be unusual for mild depression to go undiagnosed and contribute to difficulty in any form of change of habits, whether it is smoking, dieting, drinking, etc,” offers Philadelphia plasic surgeon Dr. Theodore Katz.

Saulnier’s clients do indeed lose weight whilst under her council.  But then again, most of them are vegetarians, don’t drink, and eat way under the 1,500 calories per day that Saulnier allows.  And, they can afford the hefty price of about $230 per session.

Fat Whisperer Mary Ascension Saulnier

Apparently reality TV icons such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are believers, unless they’ve been spotted visiting Saulnier’s studio for Tupperware parties. Hey, if a fat whisperer is behind these two ladies’ rockin’ bods, it’s all good in this blogger’s opinion.  In fact, if it weren’t for a calorie count low enough to deprive a fruit fly, I’d gladly say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”