That Fake Tattoo Goes Where??

Princess 19 on 25 Aug 2011 at 11:00am

We've discussed the pros and cons of permanent tattoos of all kinds..  Let’s take a look at some unconventional temporary tattoos – not the kind you wear on game day. Unconventional as in where you put these temp pieces of art.

First up, we have the trendy tooth tattoos taking Japan by storm.  Apparently, you can choose everything - from hearts to ladybugs to even ridiculous rhinestones.  Japanese women are even going so far as to matching their teeth to their nails.  Talk about "blinging" out your chiclets!  You, too, can get that crystal smile with a little help from glue and an LED light.  But, don't try this at home, folks.  Tooth tattoos are placed by dentists in Japan.  So, we're thinking you can't do this with a little super glue from Home Depot.  Leave it to the professional.

teeth tattoos

With a little digging, we found that in the good ole USA, you can actually get REAL tooth tattoos placed on your lovely pearly whites.  This is done using a rubber wheel grinding the surface of the enamel.  This practice is normally left for the back teeth.  Accoriding to the toothartist, permanent tooth tattoos are known as the "White Collar tattoo" - permanent, but hidden. 

Yet, a growing number of brave souls are now tattooing their front teeth (of course they are).  It's very cool, but probably not too appropriate at the office workplace.  The wisdom teeth are probably best if one chooses the permanent tattoo route - just a suggestion.  It’s not as incognito as, say, permanent make-up.

permanent tooth tattoo

Next, we have the ever popular (why?) vattoo - as in, ahem, vagina tattoo.  Yes, ladies and gents, you heard right.  That's a take on the once weird "trend of the moment" – vajazzling (the act of bedazzling one’s lady parts with crystal).  Oh my.  While the actual temp tattoo is not exactly in the “oh so special” area (thank God), it is in the nether region and usually done after that ridiculously comfortable (yes, this is meant to be sarcastic) bikini wax.  Ouch.  The tattoo will last approximately a week unless more than usual contact with this area is rendered.  Hey, I meant bicycling.  Sheesh.

"It will last up to seven days," says a representative from Completely Bare spa in NYC, a specialist in this procedure.  Their work was featured on theluxuryspot.

"Avoid friction if you can.  Be creative...maybe not so horizontal," she adds.

The best part of this trend isn’t really the pretty art -- hopefully, not seen by many.  But, it's the many different ways they refer to vattooing (Google it and you will be entertained).  The fabulously funny list is as follows:  vagina art, the man repeller, vaginal adornment, bikini ink and so on (there are more, but we can't print them). 

So, ladies and gents (hey, no judgment here), would you try these?  At the end of the day, the trends are temporary.  You can go back to your usually straight-laced boring self when you leave Vegas – or whatever said party/bachelorette weekend/soiree provokes you to do something extra in that unconventional area.  Still not convinced?  Take a look at the video that attempts to entertain and explain vattooing below.

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