Fake Doctor Used Cement and Super Glue for Butt Enlargement

K. Mathews on 22 Nov 2011 at 9:00am

While plenty of people are interested in butt augmentations, even J-Lo might cry out at how unnaturally proportioned Oneal Morris’s butt is. The secret? The Miami Gardens resident uses a concoction of super glue, tire sealant, cement, and mineral oil to plump up unwitting patients’ curves – as well as her own, evidently. If that sounds dangerous to you, that’s because it absolutely is! Morris is now being charged with practicing medicine without a license.

Authorities were alerted to the illegal operation when one of Morris’s “patients” was hospitalized just hours after receiving these injections. The victim was so disfigured by the procedure -- which included incisions sealed with super glue -- that she had to undergo many surgeries and blood transfusions over a period of several weeks. Since the story broke, additional people have admitted to receiving these harmful treatments from Morris. Police encourage other such victims to come forward to seek proper medical care.

Alarming incidents like this one serve as a reminder to only seek cosmetic procedures from licensed medical providers. (That said, I wonder why one look at Morris’s backside wouldn’t be enough to raise questions about her legitimacy as a doctor...)

To ensure your own safety, RealSelf recommends asking these questions during your consultation. Doctors who have the proper credentials and experience won’t mind providing the assurance.While Morris’s fraud is certainly an extreme example of gross misconduct, it’s always nice to have the peace of mind that your posterior isn’t being filled with cement.

Oneal Morris cement and fix-a-flat butt injections

Photo Credit: Miami PD via MSNBC