3 Things Even the Most Skilled Plastic Surgeon Won't Try to Change

K. Mathews on 17 Dec 2013 at 5:00pm

With all of the advancements in cosmetic procedures, it seems like at this point there’s nothing a doctor can’t change about your body. Alas, there are still certain things patients want addressed that even the most skilled plastic surgeons can’t or won’t try to tackle.

1. Shoulder Width

Shoulder Width

Reducing the size of the shoulders is impossible “due to skeletal and muscular anatomy,” says Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Wallach. Fellow Manhattan physician Dr. David Shafer concurs, suggesting that “you may want to look into augmenting other parts of your body if you feel they are out of proportion.”

That said, there are some surgeries that can reduce the width of the shoulders, however that's not their actual intent. Those who have suffered from collar bone fractures may undergo a procedure that has this effect, though, as Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers points out, “it may result in some limited range of motion and a slight rounded look of the shoulders.” In other words, it’s not worth the risk for purely cosmetic reasons.

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2. Distance Between the Eyes

Distance Between Eyes
If you’re unhappy with the distance between your eyes (be it that they’re too close or too far apart), you’re out of luck. While technically a craniofacial surgery is possible, no reasonable doctor would perform it for cosmetic reasons. The complicated procedure is generally reserved for rare cases of major facial injuries, significant birth defects, or tumor removals. “The eye sockets are cut with an oscillating saw and moved sideways where they are stabilized with plates and screws,” explains Memphis plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Aldea.

“This is not a cosmetic surgery… but a tremendously complex undertaking that is performed to give someone a more human appearance,” adds LA oculoplastic surgeon  Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir.

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3. Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement
A lot of people may try to convince you that a penis enlargement can be done, but plastic surgeons know better. “It is fraught with complications and distraught men,” says Dr. Aldea. You can add an extra inch or so with an incision by the base of the penis to cut the penile suspensory ligament. However, “the downside is that, upon erection, the penis does not ‘rise’ but elongates while pointing at the floor,” he adds.

While there have been numerous attempts to add girth to the penis, Baton Rouge dermatologic surgeon  Dr. Chad Prather warns us that "as long as fillers have been around (from the early days of silicone), humans have attempted to inject them into their genitals — usually with disastrous results. Yes, it's theoretically possible to use [fillers] to add penis girth. BUT YOU SHOULDN'T. You're asking for trouble. In fact, you're opening your front door and demanding that trouble come right into the house and stay for a while."


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