Hot Topic: Dysport vs. Botox - What's the Difference?

A. Foley on 15 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


There are so many injectibles on the market, with the neurotoxins and the dermal fillers, and it’s a challenge to keep them all straight – let alone determine the best fit for you. So for now, we’ll look at two major players in the neurotoxins category, and a popular question from within the community: “Dysport vs. Botox - What's the Difference?”

Botox Before and After

Dysport Before and After

Here are a few of the answers provided by RealSelf doctors to help distinguish between the two brands of Botulinum Toxin A:

  • “We are getting [Dysport] cheaper so we can pass it on to the patient. Botox prices have gone up every year and now we have an equivalent or perhaps better product (initial studies showed it lasting at least 4 months) that comes in at a better price point.” – Dr. Shawn Allen, MD
  • Dysport may begin to work a bit faster than Botox, by as much as one to two days earlier, which may be an advantage if you have a big party a couple days later and need a really quick fix; otherwise, this isn't of much practical importance. Botox and Dysport may last about the same time, although there are some who claim that Dysport lasts a bit longer, but not significantly much longer.” – Dr. Nelson L. Novick, MD
  • “Botox and Dysport should be thought of as being essentially the same. In most double blinded control studies both the patient and the injecting doctor could not tell them apart.” – Dr. Mitchell Schwartz, MD
  • “In clinical studies, author's noted that Dysport "spreads more" during injection. This is both a good and a bad thing. It is good in that large areas that need injection (forehead, armpits) would require fewer injections due to the spreading. This would mean less likelihood of potential discomfort, swelling or bruising for the patient.” – Dr. Kamran Jafri, MD

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