Denise Richards' Boob Job Trilogy: An Epic Tale of Ups and Downs

Princess 19 on 29 Jul 2011 at 9:00am

Denise Richards is everywhere this week hawking her new book, The Real Girl Next Door, regarding life, career and of course, her relationship with Charlie Sheen.  In it, she also chronicles her fluctuating relationship with her breast implants. 

Denise openly admits she failed to do adhere to a top RealSelf rule regarding cosmetic surgery, "Do your research."  In a hasty attempt to undo her "unendowment" at 19, Denise had boob job #1.

"When I was 19, a doctor put in bigger implants than what I'd asked for, she told Us Weekly.  "I was in such a hurry to get them that I didn't research my doctor."

Oh, that sounds bad.  But, lesson not learned. 

It 1998, she received boob job #2.  An unnamed doc gave her an unwanted size D cup right before she started shooting her infamous movie, Wild Things.  One could argue that what the doctor did might have helped her career at the time (though many men would say it was the Neve Campbell action).  She apparently wanted to take legal action against this doctor, but did not.

"I felt very vulnerable," said Denise.  "I was getting ready to film Wild Things and I didn't want to get into a lawsuit with some plastic surgeon.

"It wasn't right what the doctor did, but it is what it is."

Denise Richards after 3 boob jobs

Breast implants before and afterShe finally corrected that mistake sometime after (she does not say when) and is FINALLY pleased with the results with boob job #3.

"This is the size I wanted them to look at 19," she laments.  "There is a long investment with breast implants.  They are not going to last a lifetime and things can go wrong. I'm happy with them now, but that could change." 

Denise has taken all the ups and down (no pun intended...) in stride.  As she told E!, "Hasn't half of Los Angeles had their boobs done?

"I never thought it would be such a big deal."

It took 20 years she finally got the breasts she wanted.  At least for her, third time's a charm!

Photo credit:  Columbia Pictures and flickr By ashokha